Need help setting up quarterly estimated payments? Do you need us to review a return filed by another individual or firm? Did you receive a mega-confusing letter from the IRS? Not to worry, we have an amazing team of tax advisors that can help you throughout the year. 

A one-time consultation generally costs from $150-300 (most consults take less than an hour). These meetings happen over Google Meets and are a time when you can sit with one of our advisors to discuss your questions in detail. 

How to schedule a one-time consultation: 

Step 1: Log in to your Brass Taxes account (or sign up if you're new!) 

Step 2: Click the button on the far right that says 'CONSULTATION'. 


Step 3
: Fill in your phone number and answer the following two questions. 




Step 4:
Select the option that BEST fits your question, and tell us a bit about yourself and your question in the box! If you're not sure, that's okay, just let us know, and we will reach out about how to schedule based on your needs. 





Step 5:
Head to the scheduler and follow the prompts to book a time with one of our amazing tax advisors! You can learn more about the team here!