Taxes are our main jam, but they can overlap with other things. We are here to help you with related questions and needs. Here are a few of the other services we offer:

  • Second opinion on another firm's or individual’s work or advice
  • How to reply to a letter from the IRS or your state
  • Amendments of previously filed taxes (even if someone else did them)
  • Help filling out W4s forms
  • Advising on payroll options for you and your business
  • Exploring whether an LLC or S-Corp is the best fit for you
  • Issuing 1099s for your contractors
  • Determining how much to pay your Estimated Quarterly Tax Payments
  • Providing FREE tax talks to help build tax knowledge
  • Consultations on how to improve your tax situation
  • Providing general info and useful concepts for your self-employment work
  • How to max our your IRA contributions and other retirement questions
  • Tax implications of coming to/leaving the US

To set up a consultation or ask about something not listed here, email us at!