Taxes are our main jam, but they can overlap with other things. We are here to help you with related questions and needs. Here are a few of the other services we offer:

Ongoing Support:

One-Time Consultation Topics: 
  • Freelancer 101
    • Get a crash course in the freelance life, covering profits, expenses, record keeping, common pitfalls, tax strategies, and more
  • Estimated tax consultation
    • Setup quarterly estimated payments
    • Calculate estimates for untaxed income (sale of stock, grants, options, etc)
  • Second opinion, audits & offer-in-compromise
    • Review prior tax returns and determine if amendments are needed
    • Assess and reply to IRS and state letters
    • Respond to audits
    • Complete Offer in Compromise
  • Setting up / closing down a business
    • File LLC/Inc organization paperwork
    • Complete reinstatement paperwork
    • Handle annual compliance filings
    • Close down an LLC or corporation
  • S-corporations & partnerships: setting up & managing
    • Intro: “Does an S-Corp make sense for me?”
    • S-Corp set-up: Fill out election paperwork and filing steps
    • Payroll set-up: State registration, Gusto onboarding and walkthrough, general withholdings calculation
    • Running payroll: Let’s figure out exactly how much to pay and how to run it
    • Health insurance & retirement
    • Check-in and upkeep: estimated taxes, self-rentals, reimbursements, PTET, and other tasks
    • How to hire additional people
  • Bookkeeping support
    • Complete multi-month clean-up requests
    • Update chart of accounts
    • Live review and support
  • Big life events & Personal finances
    • Buying or selling a house
    • Inheritance
    • Getting married
    • Estate planning
    • Stock compensation and exercising options (including 83b election)
    • Setting up bank accounts
    • Budgeting
    • Setting up and optimizing retirement accounts
    • Crypto literacy
    • Foreign situations (living abroad, moving to US, noncitizens paying US taxes, etc)
    • 529 Plans
    • Stocks financial literacy
    • Setting up and maintaining donor-advised funds
Free Resources: 

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