In addition to being tax experts, our team comes from a myriad of creative backgrounds much like yourself. Aside from making for a more fun and personable appointment, our knowledge of art, music, theater, comedy, fashion, food, literature, film, podcasts, dance (the list goes on) comes in handy when helping you figure out expenses- because we make them too.

Disclaimer: the below information only gives you a glimpse at how amazing our team actually is.


Rus Garofalo
Rus founded Brass Taxes and at the time was making his living as a video editor, while working on becoming paid as a writer/performer. He started in standup and then moved to improv at UCB and the Magnet theater. Creating Brass Taxes became his favorite activity and in 2015 he moved to St. Louis. He has a daughter and step-son.

Elisabeth Parker
Elisabeth is an artist and craftsperson who works in music/sound, photography, metal, fiber, clay, and feelings. Her current focus outside of art and taxes is studying up on construction techniques and Land Back approaches while slowly restoring a 1920s bungalow built on unceded Wabanaki Confederacy land, where she lives with her partner and cat.

Lee Frisari
When not at the tax desk, Lee is studying financial planning, writing a rock opera, learning new ways to entertain his cat and practicing Italian. He's worked multiple freelance positions: composer, musician, sound engineer, carpenter, fisherman, educator and LGBT advocate. He currently resides in St. Louis, MO.

Ben Green
Ben's been an actor, furniture maker, massage therapist, teacher, counselor, and role playing game writer. Born and raised by Jewish socialist school teachers in San Francisco, he now lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with his wife and three kids, camping, playing, and making tabletop games whenever possible.

Eric Stoddard
Ice cream connoisseur. Ping pong champion. Proud Cleveland native. Cultivator of an incredible beard. You’ll often find him wandering through an unfamiliar city in search of delicious food or asking strangers deep compelling questions surrounding the meaning of life.

Alexis Clements
A writer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Sometimes birder, frequent reader of books, staunch tea drinker.

Kimberly Pau Boston
A writer and mom who loves playing music, cooking and her thesaurus. Kimberly recently left Brooklyn for a place by the ocean in Long Island, and misses it every day. Favorite past job experiences include boarding planes with hidden cash strapped to her body to pay actors on tour and being named on a patent for tooth gloss.

Scott Rad Brown
In addition to slamming numbers, Scott is an actor, designer, theatermaker, teacher, and sometimes jewelry maker. He makes his home in San Diego where the air is sweet and there are always plenty of tacos.

Theresa Desautels
Documentarian, queer astrologist, and Missy Elliott enthusiast. When she's not punching numbers on her golden calculator, Theresa is working on documentary films, dancing to Timbaland's beats, or chasing the sunshine around Seattle, Washington. She loves learning about the native plants in her area, going on hikes with her little dog, Rufio, and using Jungian theory to interpret last night's dreams. Writes with the right, shoots a basketball with the left. 

Sarah Galdes
Professional squirrel gazer and mountain admirer. When Sarah isn't drumming around the globe or making music in her Brooklyn studio, she's enjoying incredible citrus from the Park Slope Food Coop.

Miguel Morales
A writer and editor who lives in NYC with his (1) dog and (14) plants. Apart from doing nice people's taxes, he loves to play tennis and read books by long-dead authors. And he's finally (re)learning Spanish, lentamente.

Helen Huang
A New Yorker currently living in Anchorage, AK. She is a clay shaper, amateur forager, and c-drama fan. Her proudest life moment was when a post about a bootleg desalinator she built with friends landed on the front page of Reddit's r/DIY for mere minutes.

Ollie Venezia
Ollie loves tea. But only earl grey. They spend their day crunching numbers and manifesting the alpaca haven/queer bed and breakfast/self sufficient homestead of their dreams (hopefully in DownEast Maine). They keep their hands busy with yarn and are always up for a good podcast or movie recommendation. Mostly they are surprised they haven't been recruited by a cult yet.

Kristen Fechtel
When Kristen isn't logged in at Brass Taxes, she works as an Accountability Coach helping creative professionals accomplish their goals and dream bigger than they've ever thought possible. She's a freelancer writer, avid podcast listener, Tarot enthusiast, and lover of cats.