"When taxpayers envision a potential audit, they rationalize their expenses as if they are going to be talking to an elementary school assistant principal, and they don't realize they will be talking to a homicide detective."

Changing rules have led to taxpayer confusion. In this article, we help break down how to fill out the new W-4, "a particularly confounding, boring form that everyone has to fill out and no one understands." 

Another look at the most important, confusing changes to the tax code.

"It's just math. You're a smart person, and you don't get what's going on. You can add and subtract, so it's like, 'Why the fuck don't I get this?'"

Exotic Dancers Do Their Taxes a Little Differently Than You
When you get paid in dollar bills and earn tax breaks for sexy lingerie, keeping track of earnings and expenses can get complicated. 

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It’s Tax Time! Follow These Tax Deduction Tips for Freelance Writers

"Freelance writers wear many hats, from being their own stand-alone IT departments to scheduling meetings and interviews, ordering office supplies, designing web pages, invoicing and being their own accounts-receivable departments. But one category many freelancers feel ill-equipped to tackle is the world of taxes." 

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We chatted with our friends at The Financial Gym about freelance finances and the value of hiring a financial professional who understands your industry.

Relationship Status Check

Rus talks with Myriam Robinson about how marriage complicates taxes and the pro's and con's of the two options you have filing as a married couple.