Step 1. Whenever you are ready, you can head on over to our website and create an account. 


Step 2. Start a personal and/or business return for each year you need to file for. (Yes, we can file previous year returns as well!) As a reminder, personal returns are for freelancers, sole-proprietors, and single-member LLCs. Business returns are for multi-member LLCs, partnerships, S-Corps, and C-Corps. 

Step 3. Once you are in the return you would like us to file, you can upload any tax forms you may have and enter your end of the year info accordingly. If you are unsure about which forms to upload, then take a peek here for more info! Following these steps will help you get all your stuff organized and will get us up to speed on what's going on! It doesn't have to be perfect; just take your best guess on where things go and then we can spend some time together working to make things better and to make this stuff less frustrating for you.

Step 4. Have all your stuff ready to go? Hooray! You're ready to book an appointment. Head on over to that APPT tab and click CONTINUE TO SCHEDULER! This will send you to our online scheduler.

Appointment Types. We offer either a 1hr video chat appointment, or we can do a "contact me when you need me" appointment. 

  • 1hr Video Chat: This is a solid hour for you to talk face-to-face (over the computer) with your tax advisor. We typically recommend this style of appointment for new clients and clients who have lots of questions. During that time your advisor will go over the documents you provided and discuss the results of your return. This appointment is an opportunity for you to go over any questions you may have, whether it be future financial planning, setting up estimated quarterly taxes, or what you should have for dinner. 

  • "Contact Me When You Need Me" Appointment: This is simply a phone appointment where we call you within a scheduled two-hour window.  These phone calls typically take between 15 and 30 minutes. During that call, we will go over your results with you and any questions you may have! 

Both appointment styles cost the same! For more info on our pricing, visit our price estimator

Questions? Feel free to email us at