Doing your taxes yourself is like playing a video game once a year. You get to a castle and you have to figure out how to get in but now you have a flute and last year you had the sword and the googling begins. “flute no sword castle” “sword last year flute this year” etc.

You’re not going to be that good, it’ll take a long time, and whatever you learn you’ll only vaguely remember next time you have to do it.

A tax person does this all the time. They are good at this game. They know the rules without thinking and they can make sure you are getting what you’re entitled to and not doing stuff that is wrong and could be trouble down the line. They are the liaison between present you and future you.

If you have expenses from being an untaxed freelancer or if you are itemizing your expenses, then we think a tax preparer can help. If you just have a w-2 and student loans or something then you can probably do that yourself.

Once you get into the gray area of “Can I do this?” “Is this legit?”, it’s worth seeing someone. They should more than cover their additional costs by saving you money you would have missed, making sure it’s done right, and saving you time.