Yes, you can sometimes deduct meals, but only when they’re connected to a business purpose. Business meals are generally food and drink expenses that you pay in order to network with someone in your industry. There has to be a clear, business related discussion/goal that occurs during the meal. Writing that down on the receipt can be helpful. For example:

  • If you take a potential client out for drinks, that’s deductible.
  • If you have a meeting with a client, and then go get a burger with them, that’s deductible.
  • If you go to happy hour with pals in the same profession and shoot the bull…that is NOT deductible.

Meals that you pay for when traveling for work are also deductible. Usually taking the per diem rate for "Meals and Incidentals" for the city you were in offers a larger deduction, and is easier than tracking all of your meal receipts when traveling!

Once you have your information uploaded to Brass Taxes, make an appointment and feel free to ask your preparer any additional questions about the totals you have for meals. You can also reach out to with questions.