Zelle is very simple to use and in most cases it's actually already built into your bank's mobile app.

In the vast majority of cases you'll simply open your bank's mobile app on your phone and send us the payment that way.

The most important thing to remember is to use info@brasstaxes.com as the email address when sending us your payment.

Once you pay, we'll see the payment on our end and apply it to your bill due. You can also always add a note/memo to to include your name or business name, and to indicate what the payment is for, such as "2022 tax appointment," or "8/22 consultation"—something useful for your records and ours.

Here are just a few of the mobile banking apps that already have Zelle built in (get the complete list here)—links below will take you to instructions for how to use Zelle within each app:

Have additional questions? Reach out to info@brasstaxes.com